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Peruaanse wol tapijten masks 170 x 240 cm

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Productcode PT9888
  •  ALTIJD GRATIS VERZENDING Peruaanse wol tapijten masks 170 x 240 cm



Art underfoot, a Peruvian hand-woven rug is the ideal canvas.

The Peruvian master craftsmen weave our carpets, a hand-knotted Peruvian rug that defines space, in a large and open living room, Peruvian hand-woven carpets can help map the design by providing a focus for each area and a visual anchor for furniture. A Peruvian rug is the natural centerpiece for a group of seats, as it adds color and, potentially, patterns and textures.

Peruvian carpets on display, when placed on the floor, are generally partially hidden by the furniture, but hang on the wall and its design can be seen in its entirety. There are several ways to hang carpets but, to avoid damage, we can recommend sewing a tube of linen fabric on the back of the carpet and passing a thin rod through it, then hanging the hook rod on the wall. It is important to support the carpet evenly. Hold the tube across the carpet, near an edge with fringes, so that the stronger warp threads support the weight and the stroke of the pile falls down.

The tribal influences of the Andes, the warm and sunny colors and the informal comfort of a flat woven area rug define the appeal of this collection. These contemporary and collectible rugs are ideal for the modern room, as well as for traditional and eclectic rooms. The tribal designs refer to Peruvians, beautifully produced with natural cotton fibers.

  • Size: 170 x 245 cm | 66.93'' x 96'46''
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Fibre: sheep's wool
  • Construction: Hand-knotted
  • Origin: Peru

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